To Blog Or Not To Blog

I’m ambivalent.

Do I have time to write a blog? Do I have that much to say?

My web building program has no provision for a blog. My hosting service offers WordPress but setting it up on the website involves some knowledge of FTP. I don’t know FTP, and I don’t particularly want to learn.

There’s way too much other stuff to deal with. Like the possum that crawled under the house this week and died. Yep, there are possums in L.A. Raccoons, too. They like the food that I leave out for the local feral cats.

You’d think a person who grew up on a farm would have long since gotten used to critters dying.


I’m contemplating having a small memorial service in the backyard.

When we lived up in the hills we had a high-walled gated patio where the indoor cats could go outside without becoming coyote bait. One day I looked out there and saw them fascinted by some strange-looking little creature. Since it didn’t have a long tail, I felt fairly certain that the thing wasn’t a rat. I dropped a bowl over it and scooted it out through the gate. When I pulled the bowl away, it stood up on its back legs and gave me hell.

Now I was curious. I went online. Fat little body. Big teeth. Bad attitude. Hamster? Nope. Guinea pig? No. I decided that the critter was someone’s exotic escaped pet that I’d sent out defenseless into the cold cruel world. Guilt-consumed, I put some food and water right outside the gate, fixed up a cardboard box with shredded paper so the little lost whatever-it-was would have a warm safe place to sleep. Then I went to bed and worried about it all night.

My husband was out of town and missed all this. I told him my saga when he called the day. When he was done laughing, he told me that instead of putting out food I should have gotten out the shovel and given our uninvited visitor a smack.

My poor-little-lost-pet was a gopher. Probably the same gopher who ate a good three-quarters of the bulbs we’d planted up on the hill.

You might also think that someone who grew up on a farm would know what a gopher looks like. In my defense, mostly what I saw as a kid were gopher holes. The little guys had enough sense to keep out of my grandfather’s sight.

There’s a gopher statue in the garden now. A present from my loving spouse.

At any rate–

I decided to try the hosted version of WordPress to see if blogging and I are compatible. There’s supposedly a way to incorporate this into a website.

It probably also requires some knowledge of FTP.

I suspect I’m making this blog business way more complicated than it needs to be.

I figured that, since no one even knew I had a blog, there was plenty of time to play around and get comfortable — or not — with the idea. Then I discovered that the search engines have already picked it up.

It’s official. Maggie MacKeever has a blog with three whole entries.

Five now.


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