Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary, Part II

Here are some more gems from Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary, 1755.

Dandiprat – A little fellow, an urchin. A word used sometimes in fondness, sometimes in contempt.

Debullition – A bubbling or seething over.

Deglutition – The act or power of swallowing.

Deuterogamy – A second marriage.

Dewbesprent – Sprinkled with dew.

Discalceation – The act of pulling off the shoes.

Elumbated – Weakened in the loins.

Eyeservant – A servant that works only while watched.

Fancymonger – One who deals in tricks of the imagination.

Finglefangle – A trifle.

Fopdoodle – A fool, an insignificant wretch.

Glabrity – Smoothness, baldness.

Gynecocrasay – Petticoat government, female power.

Habnab – At random, at the mercy of chance; without any rule or certainty of effect.

Hemicrany – A pain that affects only one part of the brain at a time.

High-viced – Enormously wicked.

Holderforth – A haranguer; one who speaks in public.

Illachrytmable – Incapable of weeping.

Jackalent – A simple sheepish fellow.

Jigguymbob – A trinket, a knick-knack, a slight contrivance in machinery.

Lachrymatory – A vessel in which tears are gathered to honour the dead.

Lasslord – Forsaken by his mistress.

And, finally for today:

Liplabour – Action of the lips without concurrence of the mind.

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