I Hate Politics

Everywhere I go someone is talking about politics. And now we’ve thrown Sarah Palin into the mix and if her male opponent says anything even remotely against her, he’s beating up on the poor defenseless female.

Balls. Anyone who decides to step into the political ring has to have them, made of brass. Male and female alike.

This time of an election year is always irritating, because the candidates are getting down to calling each other names. It’s almost entertaining to see what asininity will crop up next. Right now there’s an argument raging about whether Obama was being deliberately insulting to Palin by using the word ‘lipstick’.

Good grief. It seems both political parties have regressed to high school mentality.

Issues? What issues? It’s apparently more important to blather on about lipstick.

In my opinion, the system sucks. Or to be more precise, it’s corrupt. (And probably always has been. Read Gore Vidal’s Burr.) Of the people, by the people, for the people? Since when? If it ever existed, ‘for the people’ has long since gone by the wayside. From where I’m sitting, it’s looking an awful lot like the folks in power are way less concerned with the average citizen than withinfluence and personal gain.

Sure, there are altruistic politicians. At least, some start out that way. Unfortunately, they’re quickly chewed up and spit out by the great self-serving status-quo don’t-upset-the-special-interests political machine.

The upshot of all my disenchantment is that I generally don’t vote. Yes, I’m one of those apathetic people who abdicates responsibility and lets everyone else decide. Because a choice of the lesser of two evils isn’t enough to get me up from my desk and out of the house.

As for the current choices, I don’t dislike Palin. I don’t dislike Obama, or McCain, or Joe What’s-His-Name. I don’t like any of them, either. I think it’s a shame that voting comes down to the better of two less-than-wonderful choices, especially when the office up for grabs is that of the President of the United States.

I don’t care if Obama is white, black, purple, or pin-striped. I question whether, despite all his oratory, he’s up to leading-the-country weight.

McCain is up to weight, but I don’t much care for the direction he seems to want to go.

I don’t know much at all about Joe What’s-His-Name.

As for Sarah Palin, I’m not impressed that she’s a soccer mom. I don’t believe she single-handedly took on the establishment and stopped construction of the ‘bridge to nowhere’ that we’ve already heard too much about. And I care very much that she waffles about sex education for teenagers and is against abortion even in the case of rape.

What happened to the sixties and personal freedoms? My generation was going to change the world.

We didn’t do a very good job of it. But it’s not all over for us yet. I have great hopes for gray rights.

Abstinence til marriage is a lovely notion, I suppose, if one is inclined that way, which my generation thank God was not. However, it doesn’t take into consideration teenage hormones. Yep, let’s not educate the kiddies, and let’s not tell them about contraceptives, and then let’s be horribly surprised and disappointed when they up and do what they’re biologically programmed to do.

And continue to do it because – guess what! – they’ve discovered it feels good.

Then there’s the question of gay marriage. I have a question of my own. When did we give the government the right to dictate our private lives?

Yeah, I’m apathetic. But sometimes I get sufficiently pissed off that I get up and go out and vote.

This is looking like it’s going to be one of those years.

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  1. You have some vaild points. I am not impressed with either poltical party also. You should vote though women fought hard to get the right to vote. You are doing something by blogging. You are engaging a converstaion about what happen to the real issues that affect the people. Thank God we still havethe freedom of speech.

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