Just Because She’s Female?

I am not a political creature. However, it’s hard not to have an opinion just now.

I tuned in Letterman last night to hear what he had to say about McCain canceling Friday’s debate in favor of traveling to Washington for what sounds very much like little more than a photo op. It turns out McCain had canceled Dave, too, at the very last minute, and Dave had a great deal to say about that.

He wasn’t at all happy with McCain. And he doesn’t seem to like McCain’s prospective vice president much.

A surprising number of people do like her. I’m not real sure why.

Several nights ago, again on television, I saw three women being asked why they were so enthusiastic about Sarah Palin.

The most well-spoken of the three said that though she finds Palin’s opinion on abortion barbaric, she agrees on other issues, and her vote will not be determined by thinking with her ovaries.

Excuse me? Ovaries don’t think. Probably the woman meant she wasn’t going to be swayed by emotional issues, but of course she is. She’s being swayed by the fact that Palin is female.

The general consensus was that Palin is a supermom who manages to do it all – she has a family, kids, governs a state, goes fishing and shoots moose and thereby seems to fit some pseudo feminist ideal.

I find it very interesting, this notion that a Real Woman does it all. These three interviewees admire Palin because she’s out campaigning for vice president and shaking hands with foreign dignitaries. Meanwhile her husband (or someone) is home taking care of the kiddies, not to mention the state she’s supposed to be governing. The point being she’s not doing it all.

And before someone says I’m discriminating, leave being female out of the equation. The same is true for men. We’ve known forever that workaholic males — like politicians — make less-than-perfect dads and helpmeets because they devote the majority of their time and effort to their work.

Doing a whole bunch of things doesn’t mean doing any one of them well. Generally it means the opposite. The more things a person tries to focus on, the less attention any one of those things gets. The less quality time. The less thought.

There is another largely female contingent that seems to think putting a woman, any woman, in the White House will change how government works altogether and will ultimately bring about an end to war, poverty, etc, etc. Because we females are so sensitive and caring and in tune with our emotions and all.

Oh? Do the research. History doesn’t lack for cruel and calculating and outright vicious females in positions of influence.

Power seduces, and power corrupts. Women aren’t exempt.

Yes, it’s great that a female has finally been nominated for such a high office as vice-president.

However, there are many more important things to consider than a candidate’s sex and race.

Voting for Sarah Palin because she’s a woman is as foolish as voting, or not voting, for Barack Obama because he’s black.

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  1. Why is color and gender such a big issue? Will anybody not vote a canidate because he thinks ‘oh he’s white, oh he’s white’ or because ‘oh, I think he has good qualities, great background, thing like that’
    So why worry about black and white or male or female when our economy is in crisis?

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