Same-Sex Marriage?

It’s been hot here in Los Angeles. Since I’m not a fan of air-conditioning – though I’m grateful that we have it in our house – I spent a fair amount of time sitting at my desk in front of a floor fan. As a result, I wound up with a condition called dry eye. And that developed into an irritation of the cornea of my right eye.

There’ll be no more sitting in front of fans for me.

Consequently, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in bed, with my sore eye covered, listening to television and getting alternately anxious, angry, and annoyed.

The annoyance is the only thing I feel qualified to write about.

The economy is in melt-down, neither presidential candidate has the faintest idea of what to do about it, the government seems to be entirely made up of self-serving politicians – or as much as they can get away with their customary self-interest since their constituents are paying attention to them just now — and yet there are still people with energy enough left to get riled up about the desire of people of the same sex to be legally married.

And there’s me, who can get riled up about their annoying television ads.

Same-sex marriage is legal in California. Apparently quite a few folks would prefer it was not. Proposition 8 would amend the state constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. A no vote on Proposition 8 is a vote to keep same-sex marriage legal. A yes vote is an attempt to get around the current law.

There have been a couple No-On-8 commercials running for some time. They’re low key, non-confrontational; basically the ads say let us keep the right to marry whoever we wish, leave us alone to live our lives according to our preferences and beliefs.

Recently the other side has come out with their own commercial – I do hope it’s not one of many — which is one of the most obnoxiously offensive pieces of propaganda (and of course all these political ads are propaganda) I’ve seen yet. The Yes-On-8 contingent would have us believe that the continuing right of gays to marry would basically corrupt the moral fiber of everyone in the state, if not lead outright to Doomsday. Among other unspecified dreadful things that are bound to happen as a result are ‘People sued for their personal beliefs’, ‘Churches could lose their tax exemption’ (huh?) and ‘Gay marriage will be taught in public schools.’

What nonsense.

Though, if something is to be taught in schools, I’d much rather it was tolerance than bigotry.

Why on earth is same-sex marriage so threatening to so many people? Because clearly it is.

Back to the commercial. It concludes with footage of San Francisco’s mayor saying ‘Whether you like it or not,’ which I’m guessing was his reaction when same-sex marriages became legal. (I suspect he regrets that bit of spontaneity about now.) I imagine the creators of this supremely tacky commercial think they were being clever. They weren’t. Because ‘whether you like it or not’ is the very message their commercial conveys, only they’re the ones shouting it out.

I briefly entertained myself with the notion that this might all be the result of a wonderfully Machiavellian plot: one of the No-On-8 proponents infiltrated the Yes-On-8 campaign and persuaded them to make and air this extremely off-putting bit of drivel that will probably alienate more people than persuade them to the cause.

More likely, it was just sheer stupidity on the part of Yes-On-8.

Whether who likes it or not? What business is it of ours?

It seems – judging from human history – that there will always be one segment of the population determined to tell the others how they should live.

I personally believe people should be free to marry as they wish, regardless of religion, sexual inclination, or skin color; but that’s my opinion only. I don’t much care who does or doesn’t agree.

I also don’t much care what anyone else thinks, except when they try and have their opinion turned into law, and then I care a lot.

What business is it of the government how we live our private lives?

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  1. you go girl!!!!!

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