Nine Lives

We put up a motion detector a few weeks back. It lights up the driveway, the front door, the sidewalk and the carport. It wasn’t adjusted properly at first and came on whenever a car went by. Every time it went on we’d go to the kitchen window to see which of the feral cats was out in the carport, either snoozing or having a bite to eat.

I feed them Nine Lives dry cat food, mainly because it advertises itself as being for cats of all ages, and also because the gigantic bags are relatively cheap.

Not only the cats like it, so do the birds. When the cats aren’t around, of course. And the raccoons.

There’ve been a lot of cats around lately. The weather’s been warm, and BB went into heat. Suddenly I’m feeding tomcats I’ve never seen before.

I did manage to trap both Nose and Squirt and get them fixed. BB is clever enough to enter a trap and eat the food without tripping it. I haven’t given up on her yet. Sneakiness is going to be required. The younger cats are easiest to catch.

Back to the motion detector. It’s going on every three minutes, and we’re running to the window, and what do I see? There’s a possum hanging out with BB. Just as friendly as can be. One big happy family.

It was a very plump possum. I said to Lee, do you think it’s pregnant? He said, bite your tongue.

He probably thought I’d be out in the back yard the next day fixing up a possum habitat. I haven’t. Yet.

Nine Lives needs a new advertising campaign. Dry food suitable for cats of all ages, as well as birds, possums, and raccoons.

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