New Maggie MacKeever Regency

THE WICKED MARQUESS is a traditional Regency. I feel like it should come with a label — Warning: No Explicit Onscreen Sex. The characters in the traditional Regency romance genre don’t swing from chandeliers shouting the historical equivalent of  ‘do me now!’ This particular story has quirky characters, humor, misunderstandings and muddled thinking, several surprises, and of course titillation. The characters may not indulge themselves onstage, but they certainly consider it. Frequently.

I’ve always liked both reading and writing traditional Regencies. Actual plots are required.

E publishing is fast. I turned in the manuscript Monday and it was available for download at on Thursday, before I’d even thought about what I was going to say about it on my blog.

Instead I was thinking about the garden window we’re replacing. Home repair gets complicated in a hundred-year-old house. Especially with a furry escape artist — Adventurous Andy — just waiting for his chance to exit via the opening in the kitchen wall.

Andy has developed a new meow. It’s low and disgruntled. I say something along the lines of ‘no, you don’t need to be up on the kitchen counter’, or ‘no, you can’t go outside.’ He stalks out of the room, muttering not quite under his breath.

He doesn’t hold a grudge, however. Last night he was determined to sleep on my pillow. I finally gave up and removed myself to the living room couch.

I’ve never know what to say about one of my books. I wrote it, I liked it, I hope some folks out there like it too.

Miranda is determined not to marry, lest she make a scandal like her mama and her grand-mama and various other female members of her family, all of whom had weaknesses for charming scoundrels. But then Fate thrust into her pathway the very rakehelly Sinbad, Lord Baird.

Maddening Miranda and the reluctantly wicked Sinbad were a great deal of fun for me. Not to mention his grandaunt, Odette; Chimlin, the ill-tempered cat; provoking Percy; and, oh yes, the ancient abbey and its ghosts.


I didn’t write the story alone. Both Andy and Mo helped.