‘Tis The Season

Nights are getting chilly in L.A. One morning I found my car windows frozen shut. The outdoor cats have put on their winter coats. Patches looks like a big calico muff.

We’ve been rebuilding the carport — where I put out the dry food for the critters — and still have the big car-sized gate to go. I’m worrying about Pauly Possum and Mozart the Raccoon being able to get to the food once the area is totally closed in. The cats can and do slip under the smaller gate.

I voiced my concern to Lee, who said: Possums and raccoons can climb. They’ll be fine.

I said: Have you seen them lately? These guys don’t look very athletic to me.

Lee: We’ll build them a ladder. Put up some lattice work.

Me: Better anchor it firmly to the fence.

The critters are thriving on dry cat food. Pauly Possum has become positively portly. All he needs is a waistcoat and a gold watch chain draped across his tummy to be the most dapper possum in town.

There’s a carpet-covered cat tree in the carport, with a cat bed on top. Patches usually sleeps there. She was in her bed when Mozart brought a friend by for dinner a few nights ago. Patches opened her eyes, watched the raccoons for a minute, and then went back to sleep. They pretended she wasn’t there.

I knew the ferals got along just fine with the possums, but I thought they’d give the raccoons a wide berth. Apparently some sort of truce has been arranged.

We don’t have so many stranger cats stopping by now that everyone’s been fixed — ‘everyone’ being BB, Nose and Patches, who hang out in the back yard; Squirt, and Sundance. I haven’t seen Bad Ass for a long time. I’m hoping that someone has provided him a spot so comfortable that he isn’t tempted to wander off. Squirt was gone for a while, but the last few days he’s been here for breakfast. I hadn’t seen Sundance for so long that I was beginning to wonder about her, but she showed up yesterday for lunch.

The kids are coming home for Christmas.

Happy holidays to us all.

Bad Ass, napping in the old carport

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