Several years ago I wrote a book called WALTZ WITH A VAMPIRE. It was the last of the books I did for Zebra’s traditional Regency romance line, and it fell within those guidelines; early 19th century background, no explicit onstage sex. It was an odd little book that didn’t really fall into any specific category — yeah, I had a vampire hero, but as opposed to angsting about his condition, he was more prone to enjoy himself ; while the heroine, instead of being appalled by the idea of vampires, was convinced that he was one, and full of curiosity. (“Is it true that vampires…”) There was a mystery involved, and various paranormal stuff, including shapeshifters and a demon — but again, done differently. The demon ended up being one of my favorite characters.

It was a very difficult book for me to write, because — aside from the no onstage erotica rule — I had no boundaries, not even an outline to follow, because I sold the story from a one-page treatment that dealt with the playing-against-type idea. I’d never tried to write anything paranormal before, and the process was both confusing and confronting. The turning point came during a conversation with Lee. I said ‘I don’t know if I can have them do this.’ He said, ‘They’re vampires. You can have them do anything you want.’

So I did.

I’d intended to write a trilogy: Val’s story (WALTZ), Andrei’s story, and then Cezar’s story, which would answer any remaining questions raised in the first two books. But Zebra closed down their traditional Regency line and I wound up without both a publisher and an agent, and that was that. Or so I thought. But then I started getting email. I owe a huge thank you to everyone who contacted me saying, “Where’s the sequel to WALTZ WITH A VAMPIRE?” Without that email I doubt I would have ever gone on to the next book.

VAMPIRE, BESPELLED — Andrei’s story — is written now, and an interesting journey it was, because I couldn’t repeat what I did in the first story yet couldn’t stray too far afield. An uncooperative heroine complicated the process, but she finally persuaded me to her point of view. An couple interesting new characters popped up, and a story twist I hadn’t anticipated.The second book was no easier to write than the first. This time, I didn’t expect it to be.

VAMPIRE, BESPELLED should be available through bookstores next month. It’s already listed on Amazon and Amazon changes its mind daily about the book’s availability — one day it supposedly ships within 24 hours, and the next it’s 7-13 days.

One thing I think everyone will probably agree on. This cover is way better than WALTZ.

WALTZ is available now in a Kindle edition, which is kind of cool.

Update: as of 6pm 3/24, both Amazon and have the book listed as immediately available.

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