Not Your Average Vampires

Edinburgh, Scotland. Tall medieval buildings. Narrow, twisty streets. Ominous preternatural beings. And oh, those Edinburgh vampires.

The Edinburgh Vampires 2x3

Now complete in one e-volume. Price reduced for one week.

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Emily Dinwiddie, current overseer of the Dinwiddie Society for the Exploration of Matters Abstruse and Supersensible, knows full well that fantastical beings exist. Werewolves. Shapeshifters. Vampires. To her regret, she has not yet been privileged to meet one of these creatures in, as it were, the flesh. However, that is about to change. Will Count Revay-Czobar be a blood-sucking fiend so foul she cannot bear to look at him, let alone ask his help? Will he see her as a tasty tidbit, and force her to defend herself?

Valentin Lupescu, Count Revay-Czobar, is not the sort of supersensible being read about in books. No vampir melancholia for Ravensclaw. No regret for past lives, lost loves. His situation suits him well enough, save for his tendency to get bored. When Emily arrives on his doorstep, draped about with every vampire-repelling charm devised by mortal man, he sees in this freckled, bespectacled spinster the source of more potential amusement than he’s enjoyed in a score of decades.

She wants him, of course. It is the nature of his kind.

He wants her also. Which is not at all the way these matters generally play out.

A quest. A curse. Passion and perplexities. Mystery, mayhem and madness in the dark streets of Regency Edinburgh’s Old Town.



Sarah Kincaid is a widow with a knack for charms and herbs. Her marriage left her disillusioned. The last thing she needs is for an annoying green-eyed man to interfere with her peace of mind.

Andrei Torok is a warrior with a demon mistress and an unrelenting headache. He is weary of his existence. The last thing he needs is to have long-buried emotions stirred by a quick-tempered, sharp-tongued lass.

Moreover, Andrei is vampir.

And Sarah is not.

Sarah believes in vampires no more than she believes in the lasting nature of sentimental attachments formed by the perfidious opposite sex. Andrei is smitten with her, nonetheless.

Add mysterious artifacts and inconvenient corpses. Curses and spells. Vengeful preternatural beings, a deadly vendetta, and a pesky ghost.



Priest. Destroyer. Healer. Cezar Korzha has been wandering this earth for a very long time, fighting his way through Walachia, Moldavia, Transvylvania, before coming to rest at last in Scotland. He has survived assassination, crucifixion, being buried twice. Has known more than a few monsters and a demon or two.

He has also survived, thus far, his succession to Master of Edinburgh. Cezar sometimes wishes he could be merely human. He might as well wish for the moon.

Inconvenient corpses are popping up in public places. His creator is trying to destroy him. His allies are falling victim to Cupid’s dart. Cezar has an otherworldly being in his drawing room and a judicator on his doorstep.

What’s a vampire to do?

Mysterious misadventures in Regency Edinburgh.





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