About Me

My name, in the world of tax returns and self-serving politicians and ever-increasing gasoline prices, is Gail Burch.

Ever since I learned to read, I have loved books.

For almost as long, I have made up tales.

I’ve written horrible poetry, better short stories, adequate commercials, educational and industrial film narration, and very forgettable screenplays. Once I learned how to make a story last longer than a few paragraphs I moved on to novels, and there I stayed.

It seemed oh-so-important once, like it made me a Real Writer, to have a pseudonym. I’ve been a Writer long enough now that I don’t much care whether I’m considered Real or not, but I still have the pseudonym.

As Maggie MacKeever, I write historical romance.

Writer at work.

Published on April 26, 2008 at 7:46 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Have you thought of turning your stories into manga?

  2. What book have you published? I’d love to try one out. Just by reading your blogs entries, I have a feeling I’m in for a pleasant treat.

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