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The Judas Kiss

The Tyburn Trilogy, Book III

Judas 402

At fifteen, Clea Fairchild was reading Ovid’s Art of Love. And scheming how to, once she acquired bosoms, introduce herself into acerbic, influential Baron Saxe’s bed.

Clea is one-and-twenty now, a widow whose husband died under mysterious circumstances she is determined to resolve.

Lord Saxe is almost twice that age. In the years since they last met, Kane has grown more dissolute, more jaded, and even more damnably attractive.

He has also grown skittish, determined that he must not act on the unseemly attraction he feels for his friend Ned’s little sister, whom he is convinced means to drive him mad.

Clea wonders, is Kane trying to drive her mad? The baron is avoiding her as if she carries plague.

She isn’t one to sit quietly in a corner, though Kane might wish she would.

Clea resolves to discover the reality of her schoolgirl fantasies.

Providing her husband’s murderer doesn’t dispose of her first.

Vintage Ink Press, October, 2018




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