The Tyburn Trilogy, Complete

Trilogy FINALThe Judas Kiss, book 3 in The Tyburn Trilogy, is available today in both e-book and print formats, exclusively on Amazon.

Clea and Kane’s story has finally made its way out into the world.

Journey’s end. I feel a little sad. Overall, I’m satisfied. I hope that readers will be too.

There was a time when I wrote three or four books a year. The Judas Kiss, from start to finish, took three years.

Sometimes life gets in the way.

I started Judas with only the vaguest of outlines. After all, I knew how the story was going to end.

That mistake, I hope to never make again.

Judas features characters established in Tyburn. The story is based in real history. There were an immense number of details to try and keep organized.

Mistake number two, not to be repeated: I will never again write two trilogies at the same time. One book of one trilogy, then one book of the other. The trilogies were set in totally diferent worlds, the second one involving Edinburgh and vampires.

vamp trilogy final

The Edinburgh Vampires

I didn’t set out to write a trilogy, or two. In both cases, secondary characters kept popping up and saying: Hey! Don’t I deserve my own story? And I kept saying: You do.

Today the Tyburn saga has ended.

I think.

Moments ago, another secondary character tugged on my sleeve and said: Hey! Remember me? I’d make a great story. What’s another minimum sixty thousand words?

This time, I said: No.

I’m not planning another sequel.

Or another trilogy.

Not today, at any rate.

As for tomorrow–

We’ll see.


These books aren’t standalones. They should be read in order. To celebrate the release of The Judas Kiss, the price of The Tyburn Waltz and The Judas Kiss has been reduced.

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