On Sale! Lady Bliss

One of my favorite Fawcett Regencies (traditional/humorous) is currently .99 on Amazon.  http://amzn.to/11sscPX



Marry you?” Had Viscount Roxbury not been so excellent a horseman, he would have lost his seat. “Good God, Jynx!”

“Don’t refuse me, Shannon!” his companion protested quickly. “At least not before you’ve listened to what I have to say! Consider it from the practical point of view — unless your affections have become fixed elsewhere?”

Lord Roxbury gazed down upon her with a fascinated expression, and admitted himself heart-whole.

“Excellent!” said Jynx, and edged her mount closer. No easy matter, this arrangement of matters matrimonial whilst riding in Hyde Park. “Or– The idea is not repugnant to your feelings, Shannon? I am shocking forward, I suppose. But you won’t mind that!”


When lovely, lethargic Jynx Lennox invites Viscount Roxbury to join her in a marriage of convenience, he rather surprisingly agrees. But the pathway to the altar is fraught with pitfalls, including gaming hells and card debts, misplaced betrothal rings and the onslaught of true love, and mos especially the viscount’s most recent flirt, the notorious — and notoriously bird-witted — Lady Bliss.

Originally published in — gasp! — 1986.